Weight and the value of the safe

Eco because the door must close undercut: when closing, a part of the door must fit behind the frame to ensure greater resistance to burglary by means of a crowbar. Precisely because of their importance, the hinges must be able to withstand any break-in attempts: they must therefore be produced with sturdy materials and must have an equally solid weld, which guarantees perfect adhesion to the door safe room vault door.

The door must also rest on shatterproof stops placed inside between the box and the frame of the safe. The stops are used to absorb any blows and must therefore be present on all sides of the safety device except the one where the hinges are located. Like the other elements, the stops must also be joined to the safe by means of a massive continuous welding bank safes hong kong.


Weight is an important factor because it limits the possible transport of the safe, putting criminals in difficulty. At the same time, however, the weight of a safe does not determine its quality.

The value of the safe

The concrete value of a safe is mainly determined by the processing with which it is produced. Clearly, safes characterized by a higher quality will offer greater security guarantees at a higher cost. Investing in the purchase of a quality safe translates into a higher resistance to possible break-in attempts, as well as a longer duration of the device over time. Furthermore, a safe designed according to the strictest security standards can slow down thieves and induce them to desist from attempting theft. For these reasons, it is a good idea not to save on the purchase of a safety device, focusing on higher quality models. Remember that buying a cheap product means putting your values ​​at risk.