How to walk more steps in a day?

In this busy life, people who go for office work or is running a business doesn’t get time to take more number of steps everyday as the usage of vehicles to reach from one place or another has become very common. This is one of the reasons why most of the people became lazy and inactive. It is good to take up corporate step challenge which will help you eagerly compete with your office mates to take more number of steps every day in order to win.

If you are someone who doesn’t walk atleast 200 steps a day, then you must act on your habits immediately and bring a great change in your lifestyle so that it won’t affect your health over the years while getting aged. Read below to know how you can increase the number of steps you walk each day. They are as follows,

  • While being at home, make sure you take few steps of brisk walking around the house or inside the house so that it would count as well. Try not to use escalators and lifts often and go with stairs whenever possible which will be a great initiative in this journey to change yourself.
  • If you are going to park your car at the office, do it somewhere so farther from the building you work on so that you get to walk some steps. While being inside the office, try to use restroom present in another floor other than yours so that you can walk back and forth which might be a good exercise. These are so simple changes that you can make in your lives to win in corporate step challenge to become a healthy individual amidst being a lazy and inactive person like many others.