Why Do You Need a Residential IP Address

The Internet has a wide reach today. And to surf on the internet, proxy IP is used. Circumstances happen when you encounter websites that restrict your IP. In such cases, when your IP might get blocked, leaving you helpless to access any desired webpage, a residential ip might help you out.

What is a residential IP?

It is an IP address connected to a physical device like a desktop computer or mobile phone. The IP address is assigned by the Internet service provider to its subscribers. If you use a residential IP address for accessing the internet, you can upload your information regarding geographical location with confidence. It is trusted by most websites and is not strictly checked like other IP forms.

A residential proxy provider can offer these IP addresses to the people to use the confirmed location to access any website.

How does residential IP work?

Residential proxies are different from what is called data center proxies. Residential proxies are more reliable and in demand, while data center proxies get easily blocked.

These proxies route the internet traffic via an intermediary server. The server modifies the IP address of your connection request. These are highly efficient.

residential ip

Who needs a residential IP address?

There are many reasons why people want residential IP addresses. The primary one is less probability of being blocked. Netflix today is now inaccessible from a commercial IP address and it may be seen in other media companies in the future. Apart from this, there are loads of other uses which makes it difficult to get one by the customers.

Benefits of a residential proxy server

Following are the benefits that you can enjoy by using a residential IP address:

  • Business intelligence

A residential IP address allows businesses to gather and analyze the data of competitors like their prices without the risk of getting blocked. It enables businesses to gain some edge over others.

  • Content delivery

So many individuals have to deal with geo-restricted content. These kinds of restrictions can be surpassed by using somebody else’s IP address.

  • Internet privacy

In this era of the internet, privacy is valuable for everyone. When a person uses residential IP, it seems as if they are browsing from some other location. Proxies help you in keeping your data secure and anonymous.

To make use of all the benefits that a residential IP address can offer you, you must pick a trustworthy service that can offer you clean proxies. You don’t need to worry about it much as RSocks can help you with everything.