What is a wire harness?

Whether lambda sensors , vehicle lighting or parking assistance – many of the car’s components are operated electrically or electronically. The electricity is produced by the alternator , and cables pass it on to the respective system. In addition, data analysis is increasingly being used in modern vehicles. For example, the air mass meter measures the volume of the intake air and sends these values ​​to the engine control unit, which then calculates the required fuel supply. This data is also sent via cable.

In order to be able to assemble these cables clearly, they are combined into cable harnesses. They are fixed to one another with hoses, cable ties or clamps. A cable harness manufacturer is less flexible than the individual cables, but it can be used more easily in the body or behind cladding. This protects it from external influences and prevents cluttered cables that take up space. Wire harnesses are used for specific areas of the car. For example, there is a wiring harness for the tailgate, trailer, doors, dashboard, etc.

A wiring harness can work for the entire life of the car, but it is not completely protected from defects. Cable harnesses in moving areas in particular are subject to constant strain. For example, cable breaks often occur in the trunk lid’s china cable manufacturer harness. This causes the affected system to fail. There is also the risk of a short circuit, which can lead to total failure and, in the worst case, even to a fire.