Toronto criminal attorney – What are the best names in town

While facing a criminal charge, the defendant may feel as if their life is falling apart. From career to reputation to personal relationships, everything may seem to be slipping away. However, there is the last straw to hold on to – an experienced criminal attorney. These professionals are equipped with the skills one needs to be proven innocent.

They can support the defendants both in court and otherwise. They also ensure that the evidence is presented correctly as they carry out thorough investigations at their level. So, here are the top names in the toronto criminal attorney list.

  1. Joseph A. Neuberger – Toronto criminal defense lawyer 

He has been serving his clients since 1993, which counts for a stellar experience. Being a specialist in Criminal Law, he is often counted among the top 100 lawyers in Toronto. He has successfully defended his clients charged for various crimes like sexual assault, internet-related crimes, drug charges, financial fraud, homicide, and attempted murder, etc.

  1. Jag Virk – Toronto, criminal defense lawyer 

He has been working since 2006 and managed to make a name for himself through the complex cases he handled successfully. He has successfully proven his ability to watch all details and help with withdrawing all criminal charges and not guilty hearings. He has achieved a fair verdict even in cases where all evidence states otherwise.

  1. Francesca Yaskiel – Toronto criminal attorney

She has experience of over 23 years at this point as she has worked hard to build a strong reputation for herself. She specializes in defending cases with sexual assault, domestic violence, drug charges, white-collar crimes and financial fraud, mental health and related crimes, and more.

Facing criminal charges is a testing time for any individual and, to come out clean, they need professional help. The criminal attorneys help defendants to get out of the mess without too much stress.