Best pasta in Singapore for sweet pasta production

Singapore Foods is a leading pasta maker, famous for the rich and luxurious taste of Italy thanks to a wide range of natural pasta. He appreciates his clients to the fullest, following the impeccable standards of his international clientele, using modern equipment and the support of highly qualified service personnel to ensure a complete Mediterranean experience. Singapore pasta producers produce high quality pasta, from stuffing pasta, short pasta and long pasta. It has a large international market, which serves as a pasta supplier in the markets of Malaysia, Indonesia and Japan.

Best pasta in singaporeSingapore Pasta Manufacturers

Best pasta in singapore Manufacturers is a proud brand that wants to design a healthy dinner image with its excellent assortment of different pastas. He carefully built an ideal production system, paying due attention to product quality. All products contain non-genetically modified organic ingredients. It is the only brand that meets the standards required by AQIS and MSQA, demonstrating superior quality with impeccable quality. Singapore Food staff is very efficient and works at the highest quality values ​​defined by Singapore pasta producers. The result is fresh and highly nutritious foods. The motto of Singapore Foods is one that seeks to enrich feelings with really impressive Italian experiences.

Singapore Foods was founded 1981 with the goal of producing and exporting pasta. It was originally located, after which it was transported in 1994. In 1995, it received the export registration to meet meat export requirements. Singapore Foods is recognized and actively appreciated throughout the public domain. Hotels, supermarkets, airlines and food distributors use their products daily. It uses pasta machines for large-scale production of various types of pasta, such as stuffed pasta, short and long pasta.