Basic Shower Glass Door Styles & How to Find the Best One

The shower doors are one kind of glass panels that allow an access to your shower enclosure as well as keep water from coming outside. Installing and replacing your old shower doors will make a huge difference in functionality and look of your overall shower. Once you start to shop for the new shower doors at, you may quickly find that there are a lot of choices available out there.

Most of these are the style decisions, and, there are decisions on what type of glass that you want—fogged, clear, and etched. Firstly, though, you must consider some basic questions of what kind of door you want to install.

Why to Use Shower Doors than Curtains in Your Bathrooms?

When you look for options for the glass shower doors, it’s very important to know different kinds of the doors and enclosures available in the market. There’re various options to select, thus it is simple to feel quite overwhelmed!

  • Clear Shower Doors—the standard clear glass door is a popular choice as it is simple to clean and modern. This has the mild green tint.
  • Low-Iron Glass—At times referred as HD glass, it is high-end clear choice that has got minimal green tint, thus ensuring lifelike color while looking through its glass.
  • Frosted and Opaque Glass Doors—the sandblasted glass with white finish. Still it is sheer but provides more privacy than the clear glass.
  • Tinted Glass Doors—Bronze and grey are some popular colors for the tinted shower doors. Sheer & clear but tinting will better match to your interior design.