A Nice Substitute For Nicotine Cigarettes

In the current era, where many brands are manufacturing cigarettes of new flavors and sizes to impress smokers, on the other hand, people are getting aware of cigarettes’ side effects and feel like quitting. Many smokers complain that it is very hard to leave smoking after a long time, so a unique way of smoking has evolved, which will help in leaving cigarettes without smoking the common one. The concept of electronic cigarettes is becoming familiar among smokers a lot.

To know about e-cigarette, you can read น้ำยาฟรีเบส reviews on various websites. In reviews, you will find a complete description of what e-cigarettes are? How do they work on behalf of original ones? E-cigarettes work on batteries and come with the validity of 12 months. It has 5 % of nicotine and is available in 19 flavors. A small percentage of nicotine is present so that smokers can satisfy the urge of this compound and do not experience addiction withdrawal just after leaving the traditional smoking.

Parts of e-cig

A metal cartridge is used to house the fluid that turns into vapors the moment it comes in contact with the heating element. This special type of fluid is contained inside the pipes in the cigarette. And lastly, there is a net with heating coils. Thus these are the basic components that are used in this cig. The best accessories of the e-cig are the ‘e-liquid,’ ‘cartridge cover,’ ‘the syringe,’ ‘rubber tip,’ and the ‘carry case.’ These accessories are discussed in detail as under:


There are several companies that are manufacturing Electronic cigarettes. Green Smoke is the most popular brand consumed by people who are addicted to smoking and trying to quit this harmful addiction. Green Smoke is the brand that will provide you with e-cigarettes which consist of two parts that are a rechargeable battery that will last very long and a Flavormax Cartomizer. The Flavormax Cartomizer can produce smoke in a high volume, which is not afforded by the electronic cigarettes of other brands.

Electronic cigarette reviews give a clear and wider idea about its advantages, and many users are very much happy with it. It is the best way to leave smoking nicotine and reduce its consumption to avoid diseases.