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Billy Beane’s “Moneyball Strategy” is a common one in baseball. The Moneyball thesis is simple. It is to get undervalued players from other teams and get rid of overvalued players or those who demand high payment. It worked for Oakland A but did not work for every baseball team.

A brief history

In the early 2000s, baseball’s Oakland A’s were having difficulties finding success. The general manager decided then to hire a new assistant manager. The newly hired assistant used a different spin to identify talent for the team. Other teams relied on the gut instinct of seasoned baseball talent scouts. He looked for talent based on only one statistic. It is how often a player got on base, whether through hits, walks, and so on. The method was unorthodox, but it allowed the team to find diamonds in the rough of free agency. There are players discarded by other groups for poor recent performance. Some of these players have high on-base percentage numbers, and those discarded players became the pillars of success for the A’s. They crafted a winning team for less than it would have cost to take the most popular talent available.

Applying to business

Can you apply some of these tactics to managing your business? Can it work for movies? Ryan Kavanaugh’s ideas caught the attention of many. He is a forward-thinker who gets movies made and has found no small success. He wanted to bring consumers into the filmmaking process. In one of his interviews, he said that he wanted to give them a voice on the set. He wanted to let them know they can effectuate change. He even said that at the end of the day, they are making movies for them.


The visionary producer wanted to create a purely data-driven system for greenlighting movies. Oakland A’s strategy was unorthodox, and no one thought it would work. Ryan Kavanaugh’s Moneyball strategy was also an unorthodox one. People doubted that it would bring any success.

Relativity Media’s former CEO, Ryan Kavanaugh, trumpets his Moneyball data models when he spoke to Esquire. The models showed it informed decisions about what to greenlight and what to pass. It also showed how to determine movies that should or should not receive a cash infusion.

He did things as any great producer should have done. He bought films and developed them later on. According to Ryan Kavanaugh, Relativity Media turns more than ninety percent of the properties it buys into movies. It is a fantastic track record, no matter how you look at it.

He told Variety magazine he did not care about awards. He only wanted to own a business and to make money. This mindset earned him a lot of awards and accolades.

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Book Best Hotel Causeway Bay Online To Get All The Services At Affordable Rates

Hotel Causeway Bay

Looking for a place that you will love to visit? Go to Causeway. This is a must-see place in Hong Kong that you will love to visit as here you can see a huge number of shopping malls and most attractive nightlife districts where you can explore your moment without wasting your time. If you are planning to travel Causeway then you should know the process of booking accommodation and other things which are needed. For booking hotel causeway bay take the help of online sites.

Facilities you will get after booking through an online site

If you book by visiting any online site then you should know the list of facilities which you will get after reaching there-

Hotel Causeway Bay

1. Get a safe room

2. Daily housekeeping

3. Complimentary Wi-Fi

4. Air-condition room

Many more facilities are there that you can get by booking through online sites like If you don’t want to face any type of problem while booking the hotel then try to read the guideline of that site and after booking making a call to that hotel so that there will be no chance of cancellation.

Why visit Causeway bay?

This is the hub of Hong Kong where you will get each and everything easily. The best thing which you can get here is the lots of shopping malls so if you are the one who loves to do shopping then this is your dream place.

Hence it is recommended to stay at Causeway bay and enjoy the atmosphere.

How Can You Use Pressure Testing Houston Tx For Your Manufacturing Business?

Before you get into the services provided by the mentioned pressure testing agency, you must understand the meaning of hydrostatic testing. Hydrostatics testing, which is also known as pressure testing refers to the process in which various parts of machinery and vessels used in the various industries are pressure tested. These parts and vessels are tested to analyze the extent of pressure and strain they can go through without falling apart. You can approach pressure testing houston tx to get your machinery parts tested for the convenience of your business.

What are the various services provided to you by the mentioned website?

pressure testing houston tx

There are a number of significant parts of machinery used in the manufacturing industry. These parts initially go through a number of tests and analysis to make sure that they are free from all flaws. Some of the testing services which are provided by the mentioned website can be understood as mentioned below:

  • Leak testing: The parts of machines which hold liquids and gases are made to go through a leak test by inundating them in clear fluids like water. A large amount of pressure is exerted on them both from the inside and outside using gases like helium or and nitrogen to check if there is any possible leak. It is important to check for leaks because harmful gases and chemically liquids can seep out of the machine. This can prove to be harmful not just for the functioning of the machine but also the people around.
  • Autofrettage technique: This is the technique used to test the strength and pressure bearing capacity of the material, be it metal or any other form of synthetic material. This technique is usually used to test large pumps, high-pressure barrels, liquid vessels, high-pressure tank barrels, gun barrels to test their strength and resistance to high-pressure conditions and sudden release of air in large amounts.

Why is it important to check the pressure holding capacity of machinery and parts of machinery?

Different types of machinery, parts and equipment are used under very pressurized conditions such as under the sea or oceans. Also, very large volumes of air and fluids are passed through and held by mechanized vessels and pipes. In such cases, it is essential to make sure that they do not collapse or explode.

If you are looking for an efficient service provider for pressure testing of your machinery, contact pressure testing houston tx now.


How a hire a domestic helper with insurance?

Domestic Helper Insurance

Hiring a domestic helper is not a simpler task. Why should we need a domestic helper? If you are in a busy scheduled life and you cannot allot much time for household, hiring a domestic helper is the only solution. But can you hire them randomly? For sure it is a risky process. Since you allow them to clean your home when you are away, you have to be careful about each and every detail of domestic helper. There are some important details you need to consider when hiring a domestic helper. They are

  • Domestic helper insurance
  • Bonded domestic helper
  • Domestic helper background
  • Cleanliness

Domestic Helper Insurance

So when you find all these factors to be informed with the domestic helper you have chosen, then you can proceed to get into the final process. So let us discuss why insured domestic helper had to be hired. Consider a situation where the domestic helper is working in your home and get injured by cutting or fallen while cleaning. The domestic helper will be seriously injured and you have to take her to hospital. Along with that medical bill has to be settled. So, if you hire a domestic helper with insurance the company will take charge if settling those bills and keep you free from that tension. Insured domestic helper is not easy to find if you are hiring as an individual. You need to hire them and process the insurance work by yourself by creating an employee ID.

This process is easy when you hire through a company. But if you find a reliable domestic helper as an individual and insurance is the only lagging factor, hire them. After hiring you can go for domestic helper insurance. This can help you in having a medical help for emergency situation. Hiring a domestic helper for bond is necessary when make your own insurance. Make a brief bond while you hire a domestic helper and then proceed to have insurance. Also when you pay them more than the limit, you have to take care of the tax payment. Mostly rare case domestic helper gets hire salary and it is for their extra care towards household and how they work. When a domestic helper is genuine towards work and they can be hired as an individual by taking care of other processes.

All You Need To Know About Singapore Attraction Tickets

If you run a business and want to get a ticket to Attractions in Singapore, then you should know a few things. There are many websites for digital solutions that give you good services, along with online and offline digital business solutions.There are many attractions in Singapore where you can go. If businesses should choose a Singapore ticket provider, then they have to pay a lot of attention. You should check the best Singapore attraction tickets seller to get more advantages with the tickets.

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Singapore attraction tickets seller

Sentosa Singapore Attraction

There are many attraction ticket sellers that are providing the attraction ticket for Sentosa. You can get discounts with tickets easily. If you have a business and want to plan a trip, then you can choose some best attraction.

Universal Studios

Individuals can explore various things with the help of universal studios. The attraction is popular in Singapore. The individuals can experience cutting-edge rides at the place. They can get the attractions according to their favorite blockbuster movies. On the other hand, a person can experience the Jurassic park rapids adventure also with the universal studios Singapore.

Adventure Water Cove Park

Some people like to visit at adventure water Cove Park, and they take the best attraction tickets at fewer prices with the best online platforms. There are many online platforms where ticket suppliers are giving a lot of advantages to the tickets for attraction in Singapore.

Are you ready to ride a horse?

If you ever walked or walked on an orderly path somewhere, you can know how great they are. Some trails take you through forests with trees and flowers that you can’t see every day. Others will take you along streams, rivers, lakes and possibly to the ocean. Some will have tons of fruits, nuts and berries that you can collect. Others will have traces of the natural inhabitants of the earth. No matter what paths you have traveled, know how wonderful they can be. Now think about doing this in the backseat of a beautiful horse and a horse.

Ride horses somewhere on our land

Some of us have enough talent to be able to ride horses somewhere on our land, as well as to have our own horses. For those of us who live in the city or who simply do not have land or horses, riding a trail in the backseat of a horse is an incredible experience. One person or a whole family or group can make such trips. If you know something about horses, then you know how miraculously this animal can be. If you’ve never ridden a horse or ridden, but you’ve thought about it, you’ll want to know more about the animal you trust. There are many different races and types of horses. They come in different sizes and colors. Some of them can be very energetic and very difficult to handle and learn, while others, such as ladies or workhorses, are known as “gentle giants.”

Some are very small, like miniature ponies, to animals that you can walk under their bellies, and weigh almost two thousand pounds, some are trained to throw and work, others are trained to ride, and some can perform tricks. Some are trained in anything and have their own personalities. It takes hours and hours to train a horse, and also train the person who runs these horses.

Horseback riding trails chester county

Horseback riding trails chester county on a beautiful power animal like a horse will be an experience that will last a lifetime for everyone. The trails are calm, calm and beautiful. Some can even be dangerous. You will see things, smell things and hear things along the roads that you can never experience again if you do not continue visiting the roads. When planning a trip on a trail, be sure to arm your camera. If you are planning a vacation or vacation or just a day off, get ready to create a new memory.


Horse trails, nature trails and nature trails are located in some of the most beautiful places in the world, and you can go there. There are travel agencies and online links that you can consult to plan your trip. Whether you are planning a honeymoon trip, a group of explorers or a family vacation, there are packages that can be customized just for you.

Overview of Copper Sulfate in Agriculture

Copper sulfate or blue stone is the common name of what is actually CuSO4 5H2O copper sulfate pentahydrate. This is the most common of all copper salts. This universal substance has many uses, but it is mainly used in agriculture. Copper sulfate is a salt formed by the reaction of sulfuric acid with various copper compounds, such as copper (II) oxide. This reaction, for example, is a neutralization reaction between a strong acid and a basic anhydride. The resulting products will be copper sulfate and water. Remember that copper sulfate is the old name of copper (II) sulfate. This salt, however, has an acidic property. It has a strong affinity for water molecules, so it can rarely be found in the form of pure white crystals of copper (II) sulfate.

Copper sulphateIn agriculture, copper sulfate is used as a pesticide and fertilizer:

The pesticidal property of blue matter is due to its ability to kill fungi, weeds and certain parasites. In agriculture, Copper sulphate is mixed with lime (common name for several calcium compounds, usually calcium oxide or calcium hydroxide). This powerful mixture is called Bordeaux mixture, thanks to its name due to its early discovery and its use in Bordeaux, France. This is an effective remedy for fungi. Protects crops from fungal infections. The fungus, when left unchecked, damages farmers and threatens cultivation.


Another important copper mixture is the Burgundy mixture. This is made of a combination of copper sulfate and sodium carbonate (sodium bicarbonate). The Burgundy mixture has the same pesticidal properties as the Bordeaux mixture. These mixtures are sprayed on the plants when fungal spores are found on the surface of the plants, since the fungal spores are buried under the tissues of the plants and, when this happens, they are difficult to eradicate. Therefore, the correct timing of application of copper fungicides is important. Fungal spores, when exposed to minimal concentrations of copper fungicides, die quickly, and a wide range of fungal species is susceptible to these fungicides.

Common Hydraulic Seal Failures | Reasons Why You Need To Change Them

For the hydraulic cylinder operation to work smoothly, it is important that you choose the best hydraulic seals to do the job. If you have good knowledge about the available seal options to use and what common failures you may encounter with hydraulic seals, then it would be easier for you to achieve that goal.

Importance of Hydraulic Seals

Seals play a very important role in hydraulic cylinders that contain fluid. Seals prevent the leakage between the fluid components. There are two categories of hydraulic seals – static and dynamic.

  • Dynamic Seals – these are used in-between parts that are always in relative motions.
  • Static Seals – these are used between fixed components.

Causes Of Seal Failures

Time of use and exposure to frequent abuse can cause the seals to fail. When this happens, they need to be replaced as soon as possible. A design engineer would be able to reduce the damage as a band-aid solution, but it is still best to have them replaced. Here are the most common problems of hydraulic seals;

Chemical Erosion:

  • The seal material will break down as soon as it experiences a corrosive fluid. This will occur when improper seal material is picked for an application. If non-compatible materials are used, it leads to chemical attack by the oil additives, oxidation-reduction, or hydrolysis of seal elements.
  • The introduction of the jetsam and the external flotsam can cause contamination into the hydraulic rod. When particles like dirt, powder, mud, or other tiny elements attach to the piston, they can make the seal dirty. Remember that the dirtier the seal, the most it loses the ability to hermetically sop contaminants from the piston.
  • This is the condition that results in burns, long cracks, breaks, and when the seal completely breaks off. This can be due to excessive backpressure, use of low-quality materials, or high-pressure spikes or shocks during the manufacturing process of the hydraulic seal.

Improper Installation:

  • Improper installation can cause a lot of problems with hydraulic seals. This can result in unsafe and unclean handling, contamination, as well as incorrect sizing of the seal. This is why choosing the right seal is important before building. This is to ensure that the design is done correctly for proper sealing installation.
  • hydraulic sealsHydraulic seals can become hard especially when they are exposed to high temperatures. This is usually caused by high fluid operating temperatures on applications or high-speed heat generation from the stroking operations. If they harden, they can easily crack and lose their elasticity. This can then lead to seal failure.
  • Improper installation can also cause dents and cuts in dynamic seal lips. This can greatly affect the efficiency of the hydraulic seals. Other than that, it can also introduce foreign elements into the hydraulic fluid inside.
  • This can be caused by insufficient lubrication while sometimes, it can be due to excessive lateral load, wear on dynamic face of the seal lip. These can cause damage to the hydraulic seals.

When it comes to hydraulic seals, it is very important that you fully understand the issues that you might encounter in the future. This is why you should also learn the importance of the hydraulic seal.

The Endangering Activities of Humans on the Amazon Rainforest

The Amazon Rainforest is one of the largest rainforests in the world, stretching to up to nine countries in South America.  Despite the callous activities of some humans to destroy the rainforest through illegal deforestation, the Amazon Rainforest still stands strong and currently houses some of the rarest species of plants and animals.

Norman AschRainforests, especially Amazon Rainforest, are considered as “the world’s lungs”; this is because of the huge number of trees and plants available here, which absorb the carbon dioxide exhaled from the lungs of humans and use same for the process of photosynthesis.  The plants them release oxygen as a byproduct of photosynthesis and the oxygen thus released can be used up for respiration by human.

The rainforest plays a very important role in keeping humans alive on earth and this symbiotic relationship can come to an end if humans continue with their destructive deforestation activities of the rainforests.  Studies show that the rainforest may disappear 40 years from now if the world does not take the necessary actions to curtail the current spate and rate of deforestation and promote afforestation.

Deforestation, if not curtailed, can bring life to an end on earth.  Both humans and animals will be negatively affected and humans may have to seek solace on other planets if that is possible.

Destruction of the rainforest can cause an excess accumulation of carbon dioxide in blood circulation, which can lead to suffocation and vital organs in the body that depend on oxygen will be starved, leading to their death. You can learn more about the Amazon Rainforest from the Norman Asch page at