Know-how: For a better bra

Some people find it difficult to choose a bra according to their taste. Being one of the most essential products for everyday use, bras are extremely necessary to safeguard the body of a woman. It displays the best shape outside. When it comes to bra, even women do not agree with one another. Some people might feel it to be extremely over-rated while others feel bras to be the life-saver. People should slowly choose the product carefully that fits their body. Generally, they tend to choose a bra that is either too tight or loose. This only creates extreme discomfort to the body.

Many women are starting to take their bodies to the fitness level. Those who are into running will find regular bras to be extremely uncomfortable. There are bras that are created especially for this purpose. Else, people can also do a save by fixing it themselves accordingly. has come up with points that will aid the people on how to fix a tight sports bra.

What are the three different approaches?

  • Attach Regular Bra Snap Hooks: This is one of the methods where you remove the snap loop that is found in the standard bras and people need to be experts in tailoring.
  • Sew an Elastic Band: The next step is to put the lower portion of the sports bra into the band position. You can cut a thin strip of cloth to make a hole in the bottom of the sports bra.
  • Shorten the straps: If the strings are too long, you should shorten the straps by taking the elastic one.

Often people think low of their body and breasts. The truth is, the problem lies mostly with the bra that people use. This is one of the few important reasons why bras should not be taken for granted. Through this process, people will know how to fix a tight sports bra and loosen it if it is too long so that it will be fit and people will feel comfortable.