What’s The Right Size For Business Cards?

Focusing on the big picture tends to involve looking at things from a bird’s eye view, but this can occasionally result in you losing sight of the minutiae that can be just as important if not more so. For example, if your desire to finalize a budget proposal for your business and draft a strategy that your enterprise can stick to, you might have forgotten about a few basic fundamentals such as the aesthetic appearance of your business cards.

Even in this category there are several subclasses that receive less attention than others. If you want to get Metal Business Cards printed as quickly as possible, you might be tempted to do a hasty job and that would lead to you ignoring something that is quite vital namely the size of the card. Suffice it to say that handing someone a business card that looks as big as a wedding invitation would be extremely embarrassing, and as if that weren’t already enough it would also give them a rather poor impression of who you are as a business owner.

Business Card

When it comes to business card sizes, it helps to stick to the standard format. This format will have the card be around three and a half inches in width and two inches in height. Don’t worry about thickness all that much because it is less essential. Just make sure that this three point five by two inch ratio continues to be a part of your design philosophy. It will make matters considerably easier moving forward because you can just automate things instead of having to sweat all of the tiny details that would inevitably consume your waking mind.