What is blockchain and their purpose?

Blockchain which has been designed as a decentralized database and it operates as a distributed digital ledger. It was used to record and store data in blocks and these blocks were organized in chronological sequence and they have been linked through cryptographic proofs. The blockchain technology is most advantageous and used in various sectors especially in trust less environment as it provides increased security. It is being a great and safest platform for cryptocurrency trading. Traders can join the Blockchain by creating an account on it. Owing a Blockchain wallet allow storing cryptocurrencies as they can be used to send, receive and manage Bitcoin and ether.

What are the advantages of using Blockchain wallet?


Blockchain wallet is the digital wallet which is the safest and most popular e-wallet for cryptocurrency trading. It is being the most trusted wallet because it secures from unauthorized access and the user can have control over their funds. It allows sending and receiving the cryptocurrencies and they charge only low fees for transactions performed. Blockchain supports Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Stellar (XLM) and USD PAX (PAX). It favors in exchanging cryptocurrency between Blockchain wallets instantly. With Blockchain wallet can involve in trading from anywhere as they are easily accessible and it supports many countries.

  • Transactions performed using Blockchain wallet is highly secure, private and efficient as well.
  • Lower fees for transactions and they offer user-friendly interface to work with it.
  • Due to the decentralization information stored are secured and can’t be hacked easily.