Ways to prevent Hernias in men

Hernias are caused when any organ of our body pushes the muscles and due to the pressure, the muscle tears down. One of the reasons for the cause of hernias is prior surgeries done at the abdominal. In this case, it is not possible to prevent the hernias. It is not life-threatening but needs immediate medical attention. There is treatment available for hernia specialist singapore. Let us see few ways how one can prevent hernias.

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  • Maintain body weight: If a person is overweight then there is the risk of hernias as the heavy bodyweight will apply pressure on the abdomen. So maintaining weight is an important factor, do regular exercise and have healthy food.
  • Be careful while exercising: The reason why you have to be careful while doing exercise is that few exercises will put more pressure on your abdomen like squads, high-intensity exercise, and many others. When you are planning to start exercising it is better to consult the doctor to take advice on which exercise should be done.
  • Avoid lifting heavyweight: When you left heavyweight it put pressure on your abdomen. If you have to left heavyweight then make sure you bend your knees instead of bending directly through your waist as it will share out the weight. It is always better to avoid lifting heavy-weight objects.
  • Eat fiber-rich food: Eating unhealthy food can lead to constipation and it can put pressure on your abdomen and increase the chance of hernias. If you eat food that has more fiber like vegetables, grains, and fruits it will help easy bowel movement which will not put more pressure on the abdomen. Staying hydrated will keep constipation away.


Remember the above points will only help you to prevent hernias but it is not a treatment. For treatment, you must visit a doctor.