Trying Thai cuisine for Lunch or Dinner

Do you love to try new cuisines? Let’s look at what Thai cuisine has to offer. You should order a mix of dishes and try to enjoy each flavour. You can also order them in combos. Many restaurants offer a good combo so that you can relish the different varieties of Thai cuisine.

The lunch section:

  • Some popular suggestions for lunch are the noodle soup which is named kway Tio. Thai fried rice noodles which are popularly known as pad Thai goong is also served during lunchtime.
  • A blend of meat and seafood also form part of Thai lunch. Pad kapok Neua is stir-fried basil with beef. Kao pad is also a serving of fried rice with meat or seafood as per choice.
  • The sticky Thai rice with barbecued chicken is a must-try dish and contrary to the table manners listed above, it is eaten without cutlery.
  • Sticky rice is very special to Thailand and those who are new may find a little inconvenient but the taste makes you forget everything.

The dinner time:

  • A simple and healthy bowl of noodles can also be had for dinner. Though simple it is very delicious best halal thai soups are available.
  • There are other types of Thai meals like chicken marinated in herbs and honey which is grilled later. This dish is called satay gai. It is served with a unique peanut sauce.
  • Pad priew wan pak is sweet and savoury fried vegetables and is also consumed at dinner time. Coconut milk soup with seafood is a portion of delicious Thai food which is called tom kah talay.