Tips For the Next Car Rental – What to Know?

There are many different reasons for renting a car. For any reason you choose to get car rental, there’re a wide variety of things, which you may do to save some money as well as have the better experience. Everybody wants to save some money and here are a few tips to look at when hiring บริการ รถ เช่า เชียงราย.

Make Online Reservation

If you feel like you have the right deal, probably you are walking away with the feeling that experience of rental car was really good. The important things you will do to money as well as get best deal is making the reservation online. The rental car or rental truck rates on internet are generally lower than renting on the phone and at a front counter at a rental firm.

Check the Rates

Car rentel

In addition, the rental rates on the weekdays are much lower than the weekends. Even though you begin your rental on the weekday & roll in a weekend, daily rate is generally much cheaper than when you started on the weekend. Moreover, renting for the longer time frame generally results in the lower daily rates. It’s common for total cost of seven day car rental to be much lower than overall cost of 4 or 5 day car rental.

Car Size

Size of the car has huge influence on its rental cost. Downgrading from the wanted luxury and sports model won’t just drastically cut down rental costs but save you in the fuel. While getting the rental truck, make sure you get right size you want. The small truck might be much cheaper to rent, however making several trips can cost you in the fuel or mileage. The truck that is large can cost a little more for the space not used. Make sure you rightly estimate truck size, which best suits your requirements.