The Best post construction cleaning in New Orleans

Reliable post construction cleaning in New Orleans. They will ensure your location is safe, clean, and ready to move in. The detergents are selected by hand and strictly controlled. They will review your recommendation letter and occupation and conduct a face-to-face interview. They make sure that the experience they provide is second to none and that they are very reliable, loyal, and passionate about cleanliness.

People who meet all the standards have been trained, and when they start working for them, they will evaluate their satisfaction with each wash. They encourage you to contact their customer service team and share your thoughts with them. In this way, their work can be better. This is why they value your happiness and provide impeccable service.

Their service comes with a satisfaction guarantee

When they speak about your feedback, they stress that their work can only be done when the customers are fully satisfied with the cleanliness. If you run out of cleaning products and feel that a place or area needs a more thorough cleaning, please feel free to call them.


If you need post construction cleaning in New Orleans, they can help. Their staff can meet all your needs.

  1. professional service
  2. Fast response time
  3. Clean the new building
  4. Clean after construction
  5. Clean and clean
  6. Housing and business services

Their cleaners are skilled to do:

  • Rooms and corridors
  • Remove all construction waste
  • Vacuum and vacuum all floors and carpets.
  • Clean all mirrors, skirting boards, windows, window frames, ceiling fans, and lighting equipment.
  • Remove cobwebs
  • Clean all the cabinets thoroughly.
  • Clean the inside and outside refrigerators, freezers, microwaves, and cabinets.
  • Clean all equipment outside
  • Wipe the bakeware, grill, and bakeware.
  • Clean the sink, shelf, and backsplash.
  • Toilet

Contact Stratus Building Solutions today to negotiate a quote or know more information. Their customer care service is extremely professional at responding. Their staff will administer any query that you may have. They offer the best service. Latest technology and environmentally friendly practices. You can customize your cleaning as per your space and wants.