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What are cloud computing and cloud storage?

Cloud Security Hk

Cloud storage

When we heard about the cloud, we probably meant sharing files for business partners, clients, or saving music, photos, and videos so you can play media from multiple devices. These are only selected from many applications for storing data in the cloud, a way of using the virtual disk space via the Internet. Regardless of whether we are talking about free disks in the cloud, the operation of cloud storage is similar: the data is sent via an internet connection to remote cloud servers on https://www.nikoyo.com/hewlett-packard-enterprise-hpe/ when data is saved, it can be accessed from any connected devices.

Cloud Security Hk

Differences between cloud computing and cloud storage

In professional terms, companies use cloud storage to save and share documents and widely understood files. As we know, people use the cloud to manage their email and to save the media. It is also a very useful data backup solution that can help in disaster recovery. Compared to a traditional hard drive, cloud security hk seems to be cheaper and more flexible. Key cloud storage components include:

Server Management – data storage requires dedicated servers that can receive and send information via the Internet. After sending any file, we use those servers that are managed by the companies offering the service.

Virtual disks – eventually, the data in the cloud goes to high capacity hard disks. Remember that thousands or even millions of people can use the same cloud services. At the technical level, cloud storage drives are divided into personal, public, private, and hybrid options based on the hard drives that are used.