Hygienic water is important

Electric water dispensers take up little space and are easy to use – all you need is an electrical outlet. You too can benefit from maximum hygiene and incomparable drinking pleasure when using one-way gallons. With regular maintenance and hygienic cleaning, the electric water cooler  will provide refreshingly cooling and pleasantly warm drinks for a long time.

 Drip protection: Removable drip protection for easy cleaning

Special features: At the bottom of the water dispenser there are two storage compartments that can be closed by a door

Practical: Can be used flexibly without a permanent water connection

Before buying a hot cold water dispenser, you should think about the environment in which the device should be located, how many liters of drinking water are expected to be required every day and which types of beverages should be prepared with the dispenser.

Then consider whether you want to buy a dispenser with a water connection or a dispenser without a water connection.If you need a water connection, the installation becomes more complicated, the location is difficult to change and the electricity costs are usually higher. However, tap water is relatively cheap.When buying a water dispenser without a water connection, the use is much more flexible and the water dispenser can easily be transported to different locations. It is also easier to secure the water supply. However, it is important to replace the gallons regularly in order to be able to ensure the water supply.

After buying the water dispenser, you should ensure good hygiene, place the device in as cool and shady a location as possible, do not touch the water outlet with your hands and change the water gallons regularly.