How to select The best mop for washing the floor

The price difference between the different models can be quite significant. The cheapest wooden mop with pliers will cost 120-150 rubles, the price of a mop to wash the floor with a sponge or flat nozzle will be about 300-400 rubles or more. To buy a good mop to wash the floor, you have to allocate a certain budget. It should be noted that cheap options are not the best choice, as poor quality materials can be used because of what we can break on first use, and the tip will have to be discarded. Technology and the best mops to wash the floor with pressing can be quite expensive, especially if it’s a product of a well-known manufacturer, Steam mops cost 2,000 rubles, but their cleaning is completely different. If we need a new mop to wash the floor, the most suitable model depends on our wants, as well as the financial statement we are willing to use. See  Before deciding which is best to buy a mop to wash the floor, consider the different models in more detail.

Classic mop


This model does not surprise anyone, she knows us since childhood. They are usually made from inexpensive wood species. It’s simple, durable, durable, but its functionality does not differ. Its design requires us to constantly washcloth and to dirty our hands because such a mop does not have a practical spinning system. But its undeniable advantages are simplicity, durability and low cost on

Mop with sponge nozzle

This model offers us more advantages than the traditional model. When working with your hands, stay clean and dry, and spinning is done with a simple compression mechanism. The sponge, well adjusted against the ground, cleans it well, moreover, because it contains little moisture, it makes it possible to clean the surfaces which are afraid of the excess of water.

Advantages of a mop with a sponge:

  • Has an effective absorbent cleaning part;
  • A manual metal lever allows you to pull out the water, leaving your hands always clean and dry;
  • Many models have a practical telescopic handle;
  • Double roll allows you to better evacuate the water from the sponge;
  • The metal lever will ensure a long and trouble-free operation;
  • The universality of use both at home and in offices;
  • The sponge nozzles can be changed as they wear out, they are inexpensive;
  • The length of the handle is adjustable from 96 to 128 cm.