Fresh Telugu movies to watch for free

Telugu movies provide a lot of variety to choose from. They have different genres that they cover seamlessly. This is the reason behind them growing so popular lately. They are well-made and entertaining.


A few things, like a dialect, make Telugu movies stand apart. They also show strong relationships and family values. This article is here to highlight all the Telugu free movies online that you can stream now on Aha. 


1-Attarintiki Daredi (2013)

This story is based on Gautam. He makes a promise to his grandfather that makes him re-enter his house under the ppretenseof being a driver. This story enfolds if he can keep his promise or if he will fail. Watch Attarintiki Daredi on Aha to find out more. 


2-Gaali Sampath (2021)

This story is about Gaali Sampath, who loses his voice due to an accident. He has a peculiar bond with his son. But the story is about how they are separated due to certain events. Sampath finds himself trapped in a well left uncovered. The crux of the story is how he mends his relationship with his son. 

Watch Gaali Sampath Full Movie Online in HD Quality - Aha

3-Moodu Mukkalo Cheppalante (2020)

This is a romantic comedy that you can’t skip. A quirky business concept changes the life of two best companions. They quit their jobs to start a new venture. This rom-com is refreshing and a lot of fun. 


4-Saradaga Kasepu (2010)

This is a fun story of two childhood friends. Srinivas and his driver Ranga share a beautiful relationship and have each other’s back. When Srinivas wants to test and know the true nature of his fiancé, he devises a plan. He switches up his place with his friend and pretends to be his driver. Tune in to find what happens next in this tale of Saradaga Kasepu! 


5-Adhurs (2010)

This movie is about two twin brothers who get separated at birth. One is raised by his mother, while the other one grows up with a priest. They don’t know about one another till one of them is kidnapped by some criminals due to a misunderstanding. The story is about if they will meet and how they will meet.


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Telugu movies offer a wide set of variety and genre that are extremely to fun to binge with family and friends. You can find the above list of amazing movies on Aha. 


You can stream Attarintiki Daredi movie online and others online, too!