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These things in “SaradagaKasepu,” which makes you can’t wait to watch movie online

Cast & Crew:

Star Cast: AllariNaresh, Madhurima, Srinivas Avasarala, Ahuti Prasad

Screenplay & Direction:Vamsy

Cinematography: Loki

Music: Chakri

Produced by: M.L. Padma Kumar Chowdary


The Telugu comedy entertainer SaradagaKasepu made under the veteran direction of Vamsi, who was famous for his earlier AvunuValliddaruIstapaddaru movie.  The movie was released on 17th September 2010. You can check in aha.


The movie came up with confusion drama.  While coming to the story, Srinu (Avsarala Srinivas) came from America to marry with Manimala (Madhurima).  But Sreenu has a desire to stay for 10 days as an unknown person at the house of the girl, who he is going to marry for observing that girl’s character.  To fulfill this desire makes a strange idea.  In this process, his getup changed to his card driver, and the car driver Rangababu (AllariNaresh), changed to his getup and entered to girl’s house.  When the parents of Srinu find out about the exchange of these getups, they inform the family of the bride and daughter.  But here’s another twist.  Before he reaches the bride’s home, Sreenu changes his desire and wants to be like anyone else.  However, in the house of Manimala, who is unaware of this, they treat the real son-in-law Sreenu as the driver and the driver Rangababu as the son-in-law and treat them in reverse.  In this sequence, the driver,Rangababu, falls in love with the bride.  That makes sense as Srinu spoils this love, he wants to say that he is the real bridegroom.  How did the two of them get out of this confusing situation? Who did Manimala marry? It is the rest of the story. 

Top reasons why to watch “SaradagaKasepu” movie online:

The movie SaradagaKasepu was a remake of Malayalam hit movie MazhaPeyyunnuMaddalamKottunnu, which was directed by Priyadarshan in 1986.

Vamsi’s regular touch in comedy, dialogues, and the screenplay was once again repeated in this movie.

AllariNaresh and Avasarala Srinivas portrayed their roles with a competitive spirit.  Their performance gave much fun and generated higher comedy.  Madhurima appeared as a traditional girl, and his screen presence was beautiful.

The technical side, other than Director Vamsi, a major part, goes to Music Director Chakri.  Chakri usually gave memorable music to Vamsi movies. As usual, he gave good tunes with funniest background music, which strengthened comedy scenes more.

The director of photography Loki made every scene watchable.  Especially his work, highly visible in songs.

There is a high scope for dialogues in Vamsy’s movies. The dialogues are also as much as Vamsi’s movies.

The scenes which happen between AllariNaresh, AvasaralaSrinivas, and Ahuthi Prasad generated higher comedy and confusion drama, which the audience enjoyed much.


Finally:SaradagaKasepu’s movie is a highly enjoyable movie, which can be seen with the entire family.  The confusion drama will give much comedy and entertainment.

There is the availability of many best movies online in the latest OTT facility.   Many OTT platforms are there, but Aha OTT came up to watch Telugu movies online exclusively.  SaradagaKasepu movie added in the movie library of Aha OTT.  So, go to Aha OTT and watch SaradagaKasepu movie, get engaged with confusion drama.

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